Calling all wine connoisseurs and novices!

Paired Poured & Plated came to us one day and said…

“Hey, Casta Diva, we have too much wine and we need you to help us drink it”.

Now, we all love wine over here,

And we could NEVER refuse more liquor.

However, we too had a problem.

PP & P, we love you, and we want your wine, but we have too much food and we need someone to eat it.”

We were all in a big, fat, foodless, wineless pickle.

In a rush, we both cried out,

“Wine Tasting Dinner!”

So, P.P&P collected their wine and we sharpened our knives and we set a date and time:

February 26, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

PPP would bring their years of grape knowledge and expertise to educate us and we’d use our culinary mastery to make them full with our most exquisite dishes.

But then it hit us…

Why should we be so selfish? Wouldn’t other people want this too?

And that’s why we’re offering this perfect pairing of wining and dining to you, our beloved customers.

You get to try an assortment of PPPs favorite wines to expand your pallet, add to your collection, and find your wine.

The culinary masterminds of Casta Diva will then create cuisine that brings out the best in the expertly selected wines.

With a 5 star rating on Facebook and years in the wine industry, PPP has you covered with an array of unique flavors for you to enjoy.

With 4 (!) wines available with the 6 courses, if you strike out with one, there’s more coming to tickle your wine fancy.

This must sound too good to be true so before you call BS, let’s break down what you’ll be getting.

  • 4 wines chosen by our regional experts over at Paired, Poured & Plated
  • 6 dishes perfectly proportioned and paired with those 6 wines courtesy of Casta Diva
  • Expert service from Casta Diva staff and the people of PPP
  • Tip and tax included in the pricing

You’re not the only one looking to claim your seat at our table, so visit Eventbrite to claim your spot.

Otherwise, we’ll have to give it to someone else…

Order your tickets tonight to secure your seat at Casta Diva