The Casta Diva Story

Casta Diva is “a haunting, beautiful and memorable piece of music. We hope to capture some of the qualities of this music in our dining experience.” – Aurelio Metohu, Chef Owner, Casta Diva Restaurant

Casta Diva is an aria from the 1834 opera Norma by Bellini, made famous by Maria Callas. It takes place in Act I, shortly after the title character’s first entrance. This aria and opera have inspired two romantic Italian films, both named Casta Diva.

The aria and opera also inspired the region’s newest dining experience – Casta Diva restaurant.

Casta Diva provides guests with authentic Northern Itialian cuisine, prepared to order, with locally sourced fresh ingredients (including fresh made pasta of course!). Ingredients are also imported from Italy as well, including many of our wines, as well as fresh caught Branzino, flown within 24 hours of being caught in the Mediterranean.

Casta Riva has the hospitable European character of Boston’s North End. It also offers waterfront dining all seasons from either the patio or the panoramic window views.